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    Well just found out I'm going to be orienting a new hire this upcoming week. Thanks manager for asking if I want to or feel comfortable doing it. Anyways....any tips? Any websites with information I can print off to hand out for "study guides" for her to have? Just looks for advise.

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    What is your specialty ie micu, cvicu , ccu?
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    I work CCU.
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    Pacep.org for hemodynamics
    ccmtutorials.com is a personal favorite.
    skillstat.com for ECGs beginners
    ecglibrary.com great for 12lead

    All the best!
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    Remember when you were new what helped you. I have been an RN for 5 1/2 years and i still remember my preceptor, you leave a mark on them. Now that i orient new hires i try to train them how i would want to learn if i were new again. BTW it is a compliment that your NM has enough trust in you to have you tain her new staff, she has trust in you so you must be doing your job good, just teach the new hire how you do it.
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