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  1. 0 How do New grads feel about starting their careers in ICU?
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    Quote from Dsurflee
    How do New grads feel about starting their careers in ICU?
    I started in CVICU. Very scary as a new grad but now 1 1/2 years in. I'm so glad. Wouldn't want to be anywhere else!!
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    It was an extremely challenging and rewarding situation. Been here for 7 months and off of orientation for 2months. Ruined me for med surg or anything slower paced
    My orientation process made a difference though. I had a bad preceptor and a good one and the difference in their teaching made me the nurse I am today with two perspectives!!
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    I started out in CCU/open heart as a new grad. Definitely overwhelming. I went to a small community college before moving to a larger city. I felt as though my "small town" practicum experience during school wasnt adequate enough to prepare me for starting out in ICU. I had never even seen a patient with an arterial line or a vent. So it definitely was a little extra work for me, but totally worth it!
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    I'm currently in my first year of working in ICU and it is very overwhelming. I have been working since last May, and I have already learned so much. I have heard that after one year, it becomes easier!

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