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Hemodynamic Monitoring learning

  1. 1 I found a great site for an online interactive CERP!
    You need to register, but doing the course is FREE! If you need CERPS, there is a fee.
    I had fun doing the first module of the two. The second is advanced and I haven't tackled it yet.
    And for a nurse who has only worked tele, the content in the first set of lessons was perfect for me to learn the basics.
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    God Bless you girl...thank you!!!!
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    It's an excellent site. Do the level one lessons to give you the basics and after you have worked with that patient population awhile, go back to do level 2.
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    well u can do that if u choose...but level I and level II are very similar in content...level II is more detailed and more realistic...if u have a vivid imagination you can do both of them together...and be comfortable and apply it in real life...

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