1. Help!!! I am in my critical care rotation, and I think these hemodynamic values are going to drive me bonkers
    I understand that CVP is looking at the right side of the and PCWP the left. Wont both values indicate the same problems? Do the same factors influence both values ( like intrathorasic pressure, and increased volume)? Can someone please explain these two for me??

    Thanks, Faith
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  3. by   TakeBack
    They will usually trend in the same direction but there are situations specific to the right and left heart that can cause numbers to act indepenently. Generally factors that drive left heart filling pressures up (MI, MR, tamponade) will inc CVP as well (left heart failure is the most common cause of right heart failure).
    However independent right heart processs (RV MI, tricuspid regurg) can give elevated right heart filling pressures (CVP) while the thing you are looking for - a measure of intravascular fluid status- might not be high.