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Cardiovascular Nsg Certification Exam

  1. 0 Has anyone taken the ANCC Cardiovascular certification exam to become BC (board certified) by the ANA?
    Any study tips, pointers or other info would be greatly appreciated.
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    I just passed the Cardiac Vascular Board Certification last week. I didn't study for it and having done it couldn't eve tell you the best topics to study.
    I found it to be a very touchy feely test. Lots of therapeutic conversation and behavior models, many outpatient cardiac rehab questions. Not really as much inpatient cardiovascular nursing as I would have liked. The test plan online gives the impresion of more acute care questions.
    Also, they don't give you a score or a breakdown of how you did in the areas of the test.....just a pass or fail.
    Good luck!!
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    I guess I need to review cardiac rehab nursing which I have never done and don't know I dang thing about.

    Thanks a lot!
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    I am looking at taking this in a couple weeks and wanted to see if you have tested yet. If so any words of wisdom?

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