Baxter Swan and SV02...

  1. I have not worked with the Baxter monitor alot. Set one up last week and continued to get the Light intensity too bright message on the SV02. I recalibrated the entire machine, and also switched machines, but still could not get the message to go away and get the SV02. None of the nurses I worked with and in any other units had any other suggestions. What could be causing it?
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  3. by   BJRN76
    The tip of your swan was probably up against the vessel wall. You could try wedging the swan, flushing it or you may need to pull back a cm. Hope that helps!
  4. by   hollykate
    Thanks for the reply. As it turns out there was some sort of Y2K comp constant issue- we have to change all of our comp constants and I don't get it, but we use older equipment at our hospital... I'm still a little confused about it, luckily I haven't had to Swan anyone since. But, I am keeping ALL the TIPS you gave,. they are great. The Swan in the most intimidating piece of equipment I have come up against so far (even more so than Ventrics, etc.) SO any tips for dealing with them are most appreciated. (HINT: if you have anymore, share away!!!!) Thanks again.. I am adding to my troubleshooting repertoire!