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  1. 0 I've just heard the term, "anticoagulation bridge". I'm not sure if I understand the "bridge" part. Can anyone clarify/help with this, please? Thank you in advance!
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    Possibly treatment with lovenox until coumadin levels become theraputic?
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    For some surgeries ie open heart pts need to get off coumadin but stay anticoagulated so they get "bridged" with lovenox or arixtra until surgery
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    Yes, anticoag preop makes sense, I had just not heard the 'bridge' term before. Thank you so much for clarifying!! :-D
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    Yup typically, we use a heparin gtt for a bridge before surgey. Ex. Pt's who are about to undergo coronary bypass that have had stents placed in the past, we hold their coumadin or plavix (since those effects can last for days = higher risk for bleeding), and start them on heparin to help prevent further coronary occlusions.

    We typically don't use the LMWH (lovenox, arixtra) b/c heparin is more easily titrated and monitored, effects are shorter than lmwh, & should the need arise we can administer protamine for reversal.
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    Thank you for the clarification, everyone!