AACN----CMC/CSC Review Material & Questions!!!! AACN----CMC/CSC Review Material & Questions!!!! | allnurses

AACN----CMC/CSC Review Material & Questions!!!!

  1. 0 Hello cardiac nurses,

    i am looking for anyone who has review materials for the aacn cmc/csc test. I am honestly looking for material directly from aacn. I have the material from med ed seminars but would love another look perspective. If you have these materials please pm me. Thanks in advance!!!!

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    cardiovascular nursing practice by jacobsen,marzlin,webner. got it on aacn for around $75 to study for cmc. the chapters are well written
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    Cardiac Surgery Essentials for Critical Care Nursing by Hardin and Kaplow for the CSC Exam. Not officially endorsed by AACN, but I read the book cover to cover (didn't take long, like 3 weeks) and passed the test with flying colors. I work in a high acuity 30 bed CVICU for over a year when I took the test (at my 2 year mark now) and I learned a lot reading the book. It's paperback, easy to read, and sticks to the essentials of Cardiac Surgery. Basically takes you from pre-op to all the different complications you can face post surgery. Also has review questions at the end of each chapter and case studies which I found helpful. An EXCELLENT resource!! Got it on Amazon for 50 bucks