Workman's Comp. Case Management...Where do I start? Workman's Comp. Case Management...Where do I start? | allnurses

Workman's Comp. Case Management...Where do I start?

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    [font="verdana"]iam a fairly new rn and have been working for an occupational medicine clinic asan on-site nurse for about a year now. well...being that i can't just relax andenjoy being a productive citizen after 4 years of school, i responded to an adin the paper for a bilingual case management position. thought i had an idea ofwhat this job entailed but come to find out noooo...not really. what i do knowis i now need a business license and liability insurance. i have been googling non-stop trying to getmore info and feel less freaked out about this new venture. i have read somepostings and feel more at ease. i enjoy advocating for patients and that is whyi am still on board. also it's a third-party company and the owner has beenvery helpful... but i would like find nurses to network in that are in the samefield or that started in the field as i did. maybe i should be more specificand ask some specific questions.
    1. [font="verdana"]what type of business license do i need?
    2. [font="verdana"]what does liability insurance start at $$$ and does anyone recommend a company?
    3. [font="verdana"]what is there independent contracting? did not hear about this in nursing school.
    4. [font="verdana"]is there a case management bible? or other books or resources i can look into?
    [font="verdana"]that'sas specific as i can get right now...

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