working for united healthcare

  1. Has anyone worked for United Healthcare in the perinatal case mgmt program? What are your thoughts and opinions?
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  3. by   swincha
    Is this a phone job? Are you around Chicago? I know a nurse who does this as a telecommuter and loves it
  4. by   bluelorelai
    I have been trying to get on with this company for years. It seems as if someone has to die before there is a position open! I have talked to more than a few nurses who work there, and have not heard anything but good stuff about them. I interviewed with them on APRIL 7th of 2008 and was "accepted" for a telephone triage position. Seven months later, I am still waiting for a start date, but they call me about once a month to see if I am still interested in the position.

    I wound up with a (barely) tolerable job in the meantime-- it's a 100 mile round trip from my house, but the hospital is stable, the hourly wage is better than most, and the benefits are exceptional.

    Still, I'd leave skid marks if I could get a job that would allow me to work from home.

    Anybody with any input ????
  5. by   birdieandbellasmom
    I was recently offered a position with them and I am curious as well. Any info would be awesome!