What does a Case Management Specialist Assistant do?

  1. 0 I'm a new grad who's had trouble finding an entry level nursing job. Through some of my networks I now have the potential to be hired as a "Case Management Specialist Assistant" in a local hospital, as a 90 day temporary position, to get myself "in the door." If I get hired in that position, HR has agreed to find me a floor nursing job after the 90 days.

    My question is: What is the job description of a Case Management Specialist's assistant? I've never had any kind of assistant or administrative job before so I don't know what to expect. I realize everywhere is different but I'd appreciate anyone sharing the specific job duties that they have seen in practice.

    For reference, I'm a 28 year old female with a BSN, living in California.
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    Hi, and welcome. Case Management, as it relates to a specialty within Nursing, is not an administrative assistant position. Your best bet is to talk to the HR representative and ask him/her to send you a copy of the job description if one is not already posted. Good luck.
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