Telephonic Case Manager for UHC

  1. Hi all!

    I was recently offered a position as a case manager for United Healthcare. It is in office training for about 6 months and then moves to a home office. I have a great job now that is in an office so the working from home part would be great but I am curious what a typical day is like for home office telephonic RN's. Are you on the phone all day long, is there flexibility, do you have breaks in the day where you could pick your kids up from school etc? Tell me about your typical day....I cant decide if this is something I want to do or not. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   WVRN1987
    Hi, I work for optumhealth, which is UHC, as a Nurseline nurse, not a case manager.I am on the phone tethered to the computer. There is no flexibility. Breaks are scheduled by a separate company. The minute I hang up with a caller, I get another call. Even though i work from home, it is a strict, rigid, streesful job. Maybe case managing is different...
  4. by   christdied4us310
    I recently learned about telephonic case management. Can you tell me more about this type of nursing? I know it pays well but I want to learn, firsthand, more about it. How do I apply? Do you like it so far?