Repost-- what kind of questions specific to UTILIZATION REVIEW can I be expecting?

  1. i posted an earlier post about a ur -rn job interview i have tomorrow. i received some great insightful and helpful answers that i will keep in my mind.

    what kind of questions specific to utilization review can i be expected to be asked? what kind of ur questions should i be asking? can someone give me an overview or example of the process of utilization review nursing? interview is tomorrow!!!!

    thank you! each and every one of you is appreciated.
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  3. by   SummerGarden
    Have you ever worked as a Staff Nurse and was asked unit specific disease process questions during interviews????? I think no one has responded because it is very unusual to be asked UR questions during an interview for a CM/UR position. The last person who posted to your other thread had the best advice: focus on basics of interviews and relax. Of course, I could be wrong. Thus, please post UR interview specific questions if you are asked them today to help others in the future. Good luck.
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