Please help me ....How to get in to Case Management RN BSN Since 2004

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    This is a late reply but thought I'd share how I got my CM experience. I applied for a Case Manager position with a home health/hospice company and after a year, I applied for Case Manager in disease management and was accepted. Many companies seem to like home care experience because of the independent thinking and leadership you develop with this type of autonomy you have.

    Best wishes.
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    Try looking on this website and see if it works. Or, google PACE richmond, va. It seems to be centered around elderly needs and assessment. I have applied but haven't heard back (it was only yesterday). It is a case management also called care coordinator job. I want it so bad.
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    I tried your link and it didn't work for me. Is there another way to spell this? Thanks
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    Sorry bout that
    still waiting to hear about job offer or not.
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    Thanks! That one worked..

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