Orientation for new case manager

  1. I'm an RN with 9 years hospital bedside nurse experience. There is an opportunity for me to change to case management (which would be a totally new specialty for me). What kind of orientation would be acceptable for me to be able to do the job proficiently.
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  3. by   Conqueror+
    Is it hospital based ?
  4. by   travelcrazyRN
    Yes it is. I haven't started yet, but was quoted 6 weeks.
  5. by   jeffsher
    I just finished orientation for a CM position after 5 weeks (it was to be 6 weeks, but I was asked if I would mind starting earlier, which I didn't). Personally, I feel that 6 weeks is adequate, as it will be 6 months-1 year before I will be comfortable in the position. I do telephonic cm as a "float" for an insurance company's medical home program.
  6. by   christdied4us310
    Hi Jeffsher. I am looking to do case management, preferrably telephonic, and I see that you landed a job with a company that orients you for about six weeks. Do u mind telling me what company it is as many want you to have prior experience in case management before hiring. I would appreciate it as I am a psych nurse and would love to get proper orientation to case management. Thanks!