OR RN vs Case Management?

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    I realize these are two completely different animals, but if anyone has done both, which area did you like the best? I want to get away from the floors and work 8hrs shifts. I am going on mat leave at the end of the year, and I hope to make this happen, after that. Thanks for your responses.

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    I don't think either of these are 8 hr. shift positions. As an OR nurse, you will likely have night/wk.end call and as a CM, you will work much more than 8 hr./day. (and get paid for only 6 hr.)
    Just my 2 cents.
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    I'm not sure about OR, but I can assure you as a case manager, you work 10-12 hour plus days, every day. I do get most weekends off, and holidays, so that is a plus.
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    I am a new grad and I am having trouble finding a job, esp without any experience. I have found a few non-clinical positions (Case management, Nurse Reviewer) that will hire new grads. My question is, will starting my career in non-clinical positions hurt my career or slow it down since I will not be practicing my hands on/patient care skills?

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