NP's working in Case Management?

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    Have you ever heard of an NP working as a case manager/PI coordinator? I am interesting in pitching a position to my facility in which I (the NP, or soon to be NP) would be responsible for monitoring Core Measures, and making sure we meet the guidelines. As an NP, I would be able to write orders, dictate H&Ps, discharge summaries, etc. I think this could be a marketable position and am interested to know if there are any others out there...TIA

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    I have worked w/ NP case manager. She mainly worked the ED doing some of the tasks you mentioned along with keeping on top of the Observation status patients.
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    As a PMHNP student, I see that we will doing a lot of CM work. I also see that to be more productive, clinicians would benefit from having CM work with them. NP Case managers is an interesting position. I believe that the NP would be more productive to stick to doing a clinicians work and utilize a CM to help the patient succeed. We also have to look at reinbursement for having NP case management. I also believe that it is important as NPs that we know the role of CM.

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