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  1. hello all!! first of all thank you for reading my post.

    i wanted to see if anyone can give me some interview advice. I work in a very busy floor as an RN with a high level acuity. Ive been working on this floor for two years and Im starting to realize that its not for me. the stress level is high, and i don't look forward to work anymore. So I want to try different area in nursing, hopefully I can find a fit.

    My question is how do I appropriately answer to my interviewer for a new job that I want to leave my current job for a less stressful job , or at least find a floor that better fits me? People have advised me I should not let potential employers know the real reason why I want to leave my current job. I love nursing and helping people. But I want to do it for a long time without getting burnt out. I want to wake up in the morning and want to come to work.

    Any advice or input would greatly be appreciated.
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