Medical Case Management Group (MCMG)

  1. 0 Anyone hear of this company--Medical Case Management Group (MCMG)? They do case management for workers comp cases.
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    Anyone? I was hired by this company. I can't find anything on them on the bbb website. Their main office is based out of Maine and they are hiring independent contractors on the east coast.
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    Hi - did you find anything out about MCMG? I have an interview tomorrow. Do you like it thus far? Is it work from home? How is the pay? Thanks
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    Sorry it took a while to reply--how did the interview go? What do you think?
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    They seem nice enough. I like the per diem aspect. It's not a full-time thing. The rate is ok. How do you like it?
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    careylee310--have you gotten any jobs yet?
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    careylee310--have you gotten any jobs yet?
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    I just signed on with this company. It's been a week and I haven't heard anything from them about work. I e mailed yesterday and haven't gotten a response. I'm not sure what to do. I don't want to be a pest but I need to know if I should start looking around for another job. I haven't done case management before and I was really hoping that this would be the godsend to get me out of the hospital.
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    I'm curious about this company as well. They contacted me last year about a position and I submitted my resume. I'm not sure how they got my info to begin with (headhunter maybe). Anyways, they contacted me about my resume and then requested my Social Security Number to complete the hiring process. That was a red flag to me and I didn't have any further communication with them. Just seemed odd that a company who hadn't formally interviewed me would need this information.
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    I contacted them through their web site and sent them my resume. I had a phone interview then they sent me a contract to sign. I also had to purchase liability insurance. That was over a month ago and I haven't heard anything else. I e mailed them and they replied that they would give me a case as soon as one became available. Hmmm.
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    Has anyone received work with this company yet?

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