Masters or Case Management Certificate?

  1. I currently am a case manager for a wound care organization and have ICU experience. I was interested in making the shift into hospital case management and was wondering whether my current experience is competitive or did i need to get a certificate or masters? Also, if I did need to get a certificate or masters, would a certificate suffice? I ask because masters are expensive and im not in a state where i can commit to that financial chunk.

    Any advice would be lovely.
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  3. by   d'cm
    What does a wound care case manager do?
  4. by   kac332

    I recently got a job in case management at an academic medical center in Philadelphia. I worked there as a floor RN for two years but had no case management experience. I also don't have an MSN or case management certificate/certification - this wasn't an obstacle for me getting hired. In my opinion the fact that you have experience in case management and ICU would be helpful in your transition in to the hospital. Again this is from someone who does not yet have experience in case management, but did successfully interview. (I was also lucky in my timing because our hospital wanted to hire several new CM positions.) I'd say go for it and not worry about certificates unless it's very competitive in your area. Good luck!