I would like to shadow a BSN case manager for practicum...

  1. Hi all, I'm finishing up my community/public health nursing based BSN program this summer and I need to "shadow" a case manager for practicum in the Tampa Bay area. Though the University of Central Florida will have to officially have to make the arrangements, I have to do some research myself since I live outside of the Central Florida area. It will be approximately 160-180 hours, I am currently an RN and work as a critical care nurse at a local hospital. Case management has always been an area that I've been interested in and knew that's what I wanted to do for my practicum. If anyone is interested please PM me so we can talk. Thanks!! Oh I'm beggin.
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  3. by   rntofnp2014
    If you were here, you could shadow me. Don't know much about your area though. Good Luck!
  4. by   lacedmm1
    Thanks OhioRN2007!
  5. by   lisa41rn
    Just saw your post. I actually followed a CM at my hospital when I was going for my BSN a few years back and she was wonderful. I knew her so it wasn't a big deal to shadow her. How are you making out with this? You can always call the CM office and I'm sure they could help you to work with someone! Good luck!