Hospital Case Manager Interview advice

  1. Hello, I have an interview next week for a hospital based case manager postion. They do discharge planning, and QA. I don't have any experience in case management but have been a nurse for about 18 yrs and working as staff nurse for several years at the hosptial to which I am interviewing at. We have alot of interaction with the case managers giving a general understanding of what they do, but not the QA part or the insurance approvals, etc.

    Can anyone provide me with some advice on interviewing for this position?

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  3. by   SummerGarden
    You are going to perform Quality Assurance? You might want to drop by that forum for more information since many of the CMs on this forum are not QA nurses. Also, as far as the interview is concerned, just be honest. If they are willing to train new CMs you should be fine.
  4. by   d'cm
    Make sure you have a good answer to why do you want to be a case manager and examples of how you would or did help with a complicated patient discharge. I'm wondering if the QA is actually CDI (clinical documentation improvement).