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  1. 0 Does anyone work for EHR out of Newtown Square PA? They review charts and write a report regarding the case. You get paid a flat full time rate and they expect you to reach 5 cases an hour, they give you a laptop but do not pay towards internet costs. But you have to work certain hours of the day and work weekends.
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    A very good friend of mine works for them. She is happy with the company. I believe ehr was recently bought out by United Health Care.
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    My hospital is a client of EHR. As a CM, we use EHR as our secondary advisory PA (cause we don't really have one). The products that we use include admission/continued stay/readmission/procedures reviews. We usually fax them written records and EHR has access to our EMR to chart review. They are always nice whenever I talk to them on the phone, including the physicians. So as a client, I like them. They also provide education as well, especially physicians who respond to my referrals. I would love to work for EHR some day when I am more seasoned! Are you in PA or elsewhere?

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