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  1. I have been a floor nurse on a cardiac/thoracic surgery unit for 1.5 years. I knew when I got into nursing that I didn't want to be at the bedside for a long time and that I would put in the time I needed to and then move on to something else. When I first started nursing I thought case management might be something I'm interested in. I think patient advocacy is hugely important, as is ensuring that patients understand all of the options available to them for support following discharge.

    The unit I work on currently has no full time case manager. The manager of the unit, as well as the doctors and PAs that cover most of the patients there would like someone with experience on the unit and an understanding of the patient population to fill the role. Unfortunately, none of those people are in charge of hiring for case management. I recently applied for the position and I have a phone interview today.

    Can anyone give me some interview tips as someone brand new to case management?
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  3. by   SummerGarden
    How did your interview go?