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  1. 0 I'd like some input about a case management job that's open. Its at a small hospital in my hometown. Its a combination of case management and utilization review. I've got about five years experience as a nurse. One year critical care, two in psych/ med. Clinic at the psych hospital, and a year and a half of long term care. Is case management something I would qualify to be able to do, or be able to pick up with a little training? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Quote from jerry99
    is case management something i would qualify to be able to do, or be able to pick up with a little training? any input would be appreciated. thanks in advance.
    i'm not a director, but i will respond. yes, you can pick up case management and utilization review given your clinical background. however, do not expect to be proficient right away.... to become a good and effective ur and/or case management nurse you need to develop skills and to gain knowledge that are aquired over time just as is the case with any specialty. gl!
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    Thank you for the input. I think I'm gonna give it a try and apply for it!!

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