Which lead on a 12 lead ecg is the best to identify a MI that just happened?

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    Ya I know this question is super specific, but my teacher told us it might be on the test and I've searched the internet and my textbooks with no luck.....
    Or could I have heard him wrong??

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    This is a stab in the dark. If you were looking for ST segment elevation, you would want to look at the data provided by the lead over the left ventricle (mid-clavicular line, 5th inter-costal space), which is V4.
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    Ummm, if you understand that different leads look at different areas of the heart, you will immediately grok the idea that it depends on where the infarct is. For example, inferior/diaphragmatic ischemia is seen best in II, III, and aVF. I will let you go look up what combination of leads show lateral or anterior problems. These are what your faculty wants you to know.
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    What did your faculty say? I'm curious.

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