Tele RN (15 months) to Cath Lab

  1. I've noticed that several CCL RNs on this website are protective of their workplace; more or less, like A lioness of a pride being highly selective of those that enter her domain. Most feel that a Tele RN, without critical care experience, doesn't belong in the cath lab. (This may very well be the case) - I was a new grad prior to working tele; routinely functioning with a 1:7 patient ratio. Admittedly, I don't frequently work w/ drips or chest tubes, and have never worked with arterial lines. However, I frequently run between patients that are ruling in, while another at the other end of my district suddenly becomes symptomatic brady (just for an example). Having a group of pts that are all in normal sinus rhythm just doesn't happen. I figure that the CCL RNs here will say its not wise for me, exclusively tele trained, to transfer to the Cath Lab. Cath Lab interests me more than any other field of nursing. Are there any success stories of Cath Lab nurses that are experienced exclusively in telemetry???
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