Teach me more about Coumadin please!

  1. Its been almost two years since I've been in cardiac acute care. I've been in case management. I have accepted a position at an internal med clinic to manage all the patients on Coumadin. I'm comfortable about understanding the clotting cascade, INR, how vitamin K plays a role...but I want to know more so I so I can identity impending problems and be a good resource to all of the pt.'s.

    1. I'm trying to find an answer that I can understand as to why (when starting coumadin for the 1st time) does someone go into a temporary hypercoagulable state.

    2. Most common and easy ways to remember meds and foods that interact with it.

    3. Are there any uncommon facts about it...just peices of info that is good to know?

    If you can suggest a good article, website, or your own explanation, even experience it will be put to good use!!
    Thanks in advance
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