Procedures done in a childrens cath/special procedures lab?

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    Just wondering if anyone works at a childrens hospital in a cath lab...what sort of procedures do you see the most? I am currently working ER, did an externship in adult cath during school, and have had short talk with childrens cath lab manager regarding a potential position. Just curious how it differs from adults?
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    I have only worked in an adult cath lab but I'll take a stab at it:

    Depending on if it's a large hospital and what services are offered you may see

    * cardiac caths (for anomalies; check out )

    * cardiac biopsies (if transplants are done, to monitor for rejection post transplant)

    * EP studies/ablations

    * percutaneous repair of VSD or ASD

    See also:


    Hope this helps, and good luck to you, whether you decide to join the cath lab staff or not!
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    Our children's cath lab does all of the above except for biopsies.
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