PCU/Telemetry in California?

  1. 0 What are the nurse to patient ratios ? Average pay? CNA to patient ratio?
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    I'm pretty sure the PCU/telemetry areas have ratios of 1:3-4. Doesn't CA have a law that mandates ratios for different units?
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    I work PCU. Our max is 4, however depending on acuity and if you have a cardiac gtt then the ratio is 1:3. Regarding CNAs, on our unit our max pts is 32, if we're lucky we would get 1 cna, but technically we should have 2 for 32 pts. All depends on sitter cases and productivity on the unit.
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    I work in a pcu and our ratio is 3:1 but we go up to 5 depending on staffing with gtts and lvads. Some times all I do is put out fires all day.
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    3:1 ratios in my experience. Pay varies greatly in California. San Francisco Bay being the highest, wages up to $70/hour at Kaiser in some places, $30 an hour at certain hospitals near Los Angeles.

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