our nurses need training to upgrade qualification in cardiology and cardiac surgery

  1. We are a group of nurses (approximately 70) in Mauritius working for a health care institution specialised in cardio-thoracic surgery and cardiology. yearly we are operating around 600 patients, doing 1200 PTCA,s and over 3000 angiographies.

    The center consists of 3 operating theaters, a 11 bebed ICU, 1 male ward and 1 female ward. As far as quality and performance is concerned, the center is doing very well in terms of statistics. the death rate is comparable to many well known international centers. but lately management started complaining of downtrend in quality of care and is pointing fingures to nursing.

    our nurses are only certificate holders in nursing. we want to upgrade our qualification. though we are known as specialised cardiac nurses we have never received any training in cardiology and cardiac surgery. we only got on the job training for 3 years before being recognised as specialised cardiac nurses. we are looking for some expert advice and help to set up a training program for us with certification.

    to all those consultants in nurses training and academics please give us your help.
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