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Nursing journals

  1. 0 I am a new nurse on a cardiac unit. I would like to subscribe to a journal, but I am unsure of which one. I think I would like one that has a focus in cardiac nursing... is there such a magazine?
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    I think subscribing to one of the general nursing magazines, like Nursing 2007, is a good idea because it covers a wide variety of subjects. There is one cardiac journal that I know of, Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. I'm not subscribed to it though. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks! I think I am just going to go ahead and subscribe to the Nursing 2007. Last night after i posted this thread I tried searching on line. I found that Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing and it was like $100 for a year subscription and it was published bimonthly.... WOW!! I wish i did have the money for it though. They can get pretty expensive. Thanks again.
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    You will also appreciate nursing 2007 more if you work on a cardiac unit that gets overflows from other services if it's anything like where Iwork. I am on a cardiac stepdown unit but if we have the only open beds we get all other kinds of patients.