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Need advice for the future

  1. 0 Hi everyone first time posting on this website. I had a question and was wondering if anyone can help me out. Right now I just finished my first semster of nursing school for my BSN and going to start med-surg next semster. I am interested in Cardiology of nursing and would like to be working the OR, ICU, or ER. In the future after I finish my BSN want to go and get my NP degree and hopefully be able to be in surgery. I was wondering how should i get my experience during nursing school, such as gaining OR experience or learning more about cardiology? Can an NP in california be able to be a first assistant in surgery or should I go into the PA route instead? Also if I wanted to be an NP should I become an Acute NP to give me more options in the future?

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    You could try and get a position as a nurse tech on a cardiac unit or in the ED. I really can't help you on the NP first assistant question because I think its per state. Good luck in school
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    Check if they have Student Nurse Positions at the Hospital or volunteer at the hospital.