LPN duties on Telemetry Floor? LPN duties on Telemetry Floor? | allnurses

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LPN duties on Telemetry Floor?

  1. 0 Can anyone give me an idea what the duties of an LPN are on a Telemetry Floor? I recently applied at the local hospital for med-surg and for some reason they interviewed me for Telemetry. I never would have chosen a cardiac floor becuase quite frankly in scares me. I am not a new nurse, been an LPN for 9 years. But I have spent my 9 years in nursing homes and doctors offices. I have never worked in the hospital becuase I tried once and was thrust out onto the floor with no real orientation. It was very overwhelming and I felt like I didn't know enough to provide adequate patient care. I have never been in a code situation so the idea of working on a floor where the patients are in a critical state really freaks me out. I think I could learn alot and it would be great for when I go back to school but I'm scared. I know nothing about cardiac nursing.

    What can I expect as an LPN?