cold compression after cardiac catheterization

  1. Hiii ,have you ever heard about or used cold compression after cardiac catheterization as a routine way for hemostasis and preventing from puncture site comlications?if yes,please tell me the way and the time duration you use that.thx
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  3. by   queenjulie
    I'm a relatively new nurse, but I've been on a cardiac unit for seven months and have post-cardiac cath patients nearly every day. I've never heard of cold compression on a cath site--we mostly use Mynx or Perclose, but for those who have the old-school closures, we just use plain manual pressure. I'm curious to see what other people say!
  4. by   felltoddman
    I've taken care of post-cath patients for years and have never heard of cold compresses to the site. Since the puncture site is usually the groin, I can't imagine a patient allowing a cold compress to be placed there. It seems like there would be more to than that. The educator would have to show me some convincing evidence before I would try it.
  5. by   canned_bread
    I would be concerned about not being able to see the area as I compress it. We use plain old manual pressure for both arterial and venous puncture sites.