1. My grandma is 81. Her mother died of CHF. I haven't recognized the S/S until tonight. She woke up coughing and couldn't catch her breath for 5 minutes. We finally got her calmed down. I noticed her face and ankles were swollen. We're calling her Dr. Monday morning. How long does one normally live with CHF? I just want her to see me graduate from Nursing school this upcoming December.
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  3. by   dianah

    There are many causes for CHF, and just as many responses to treatment, depending on the patient.
    You are spot-on to contact her MD for a thorough history, examination and possible further testing, along with initiation of treatment of the underlying cause(s).
    Some people live for many years with CHF; again, it depends upon the underlying cause and response to treatment.

    We are not qualified to offer any medical advice, however.

    I hope she can be seen in a timely manner and that she responds well to treatment.

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