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  1. How many of you wear caps, sterile gowns and masks in your cath labs for all procedures?
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  3. by   dianah
    We do: caps, sterile gowns (and gloves ) and masks.
  4. by   jrmom
    cap, gowns, masks and gloves, booties for scrub
    cap, mask for circulating and hemodynamics
  5. by   Indus
    Full garb for scrub techs; circulators (RN) hats, also masks if invasive such as ashcaths, pacers, etc.

    I've worn cloth hats for years, but now they say we have to wear the disposable whole head covering now. (Which I disagree with)
  6. by   sarahbellum
    Our scrub nurses wear the whole kit and caboodle but our circulators only wear lead for regular caths. Everyone wears hat, mask, shoe covers etc for any ablation or pacemaker insertion.
  7. by   shadowflightnurse
    scrub:gowns/gloves/mask and/or face shield/head cover
    rn/circulator: head cover/mask
    md: gown/gloves/mask for some/head cover for some

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