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Cardiac education needed!!!

  1. 0 I'm recently new (weeks) to a PCU/cardiac/stroke floor from sub-acute and LTC experience. I am in search of a book that is specifically for cardiac issues, including disease, dysrythmias and medications specific to my cardiac floor. I'd like to study on my days off and my nursing school books are just too broad. Does anyone know of a book that covers all of this?!!!
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    I have several books, power points, and tons of reference materials; however the book that helped me the most is "ECG Interpretation Made Incredibly Easy". IMHO it is a good place to start.
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    Cardiac Nursing edited by Woods, Frohlicher, & Motzer is a classic, but reads like a text book, so it can be a little dry.
    Cardiovascular Nursing Secrets by Davis is a question and answer format that is a little more reader friendly.

    I would also recommend Drugs for the Heart by Opie. It goes into great detail about the action of each drug class.
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    Perhaps your facility's library has some books you can borrow. They usually have ACLS handbooks too.