calculating heart rate

  1. 0 starting to learn ecg interpretation. Can anyone explain a good way to calculate heart rate from a ecg?

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    Take a 6 second strip (used in most examples) and count full complexes, or R waves then multiply by 10. Theres another way which uses counting boxes but I think the other way above is the fastest.
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    If the rhythm is regular, you can use the box method. In my opinion, this is a more accurate method; however the difference is not likely to be that great.

    You can either count the small or large boxed between two consecutive R waves. If you use the large boxes, divide the number into 300. If you use the small boxes divide this number into 1500.
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    Thankyou. Can you use the 6 second strip method if the rhytm is iregular?
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    You can but its not as accurate since the next 6 second strip after it could have more or less beats. Its really just a quick way to get an idea of the HR...continuous ECG monitoring is the best for getting an exact heartrate

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