buttock claudication post-angioplasty

  1. 0 I am a nursing student, trying to figure out two things: 1)why a patient might he be experiencing buttock claudication after having angioplasty and 20 why are his s/s so much better while his ABI improved so little (8%). He experienced left leg intermittent claudication prior to the procedure. Here is the info I have:
    In follow-up, the patient was quite pleased with the angioplasty. He was able to walk about a mile without great difficulty. Of note, he did experience some buttock cramping while walking.
    Repeat vascular lab studies:

    Ankle/Brachial Index -- Right 1.00 -- Left 0.53
    Doppler wave forms: Fem R--4 L--4
    Pop R--4 L--2
    DP R--3 L--1
    PT R--3 L--2

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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