Anyone used this book "PCCN Exam Practice Questions "?

  1. 0 I saw this on Amazon but it doesnt have any reviews at all. There was a review of with the CCRN guide downloaded using the Kindle but the reviews were awful.

    Any insight would be appreciated.

    It's published by: MoMetrix Media LLC

    Here is the link:
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    Anyone has used "AHRENS" Progressive Care Nursing Certification Book published in 2011? Was it useful???
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    I read online that the Mo Metrix media PCCN questions are too easy compared to the real PCCN test. I am looking into buying a Lippincott. I heard it's good and comprehensive. I think I would need some audio review too because I spend a lot of time in the car, but so far the audio review is just too expensive to buy brand new . Have you taken your PCCN test yet?

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