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UBC-O Nursing. Sep 2012

  1. 0 So I figured this year there's only a UBC-V Nursing discussion and those trying to sneak in UBC-O questions haven't been having much success.

    If anyone is also applying or has experience/knowledge regarding the admission specs, any help is appreciated!

    My case:
    Finishing first year science at UBC-V. (Term 2 in-progress) Waiting for UBC-O Nursing.

    Anyone have any idea which terms they'll count for my admission average?
    High School 93%
    UBC Term 1 75% (10 credits taken)
    UBC Term 2 estimated 78% (26 credits taken)
    summer 2012 (taking 12 credits)
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    Hey duggling!

    I am basically in the same situation as you. I spoke to someone in ubc-o nursing and they said that they would compare my highschool grades first with all the highschool students and then with people who have post-secondary credits, I would be compared against them. Not sure if that makes sense or not, I did make the call quite a while ago :P
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    Just a heads up.. spoke to them again and they told me if I were to apply with more than 24 credits they would use my post-secondary marks only, using highschool for pre-requisites. So that would be term 1 and term 2. I think they said competitive is 77%.
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    I got in with 26 completed credits at 78%, hope this helps.
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