UBC Nursing 2013 intake

  1. Hello pre-nursing students!
    I'm currently a 2nd year psychology major student at the University of British Columbia

    My friend told me the interview invitations may be happening starting from this friday.
    I am extremely desperate and super nervous...(Fingers crossed I hope I'll get accepted)

    I have a 72% GPA, but a decent/strong supplemental (I hope)
    I've been doing a lot of volunteering since grade 10 and even went to Ecuador last year to volunteer for building houses & going on medical rotations...
    My volunteering experience includes volunteering at the pharmacy, hospital, dentist, reading buddy, etc. AND employment at the GAP, Silvercity...

    Do you think I have chances of receiving an invitation letter for a wonderful opportunity for an interview? (Regardless of my GPA?)

    Good luck to my-self and ALL OF YOU!
    Hope to hear from you guys soon!
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