Should I use my transfer credits?? URGENT

  1. Hi everyone! I am entering BScN as a second degree. I have not done well in my first degree (got a C+ in my anatomy course). However, I received a transfer credit for this course and therefore can drop my nursing anatomy course (which will help lower my course load, since I work part time and volunteer at two hospitals as well).

    I would like to go into a Master's of Nursing program in the future to become an NP. My university has said that the transfer credit will show as "CRT" (not the C+ grade), but I would like advice. I know the NP program would like high GPA. Should I retake anatomy (and get A) or use the transfer credit?
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  3. by   Khow89
    I personally think it's good to have a strong foundation in anatomy especially if you want to be a NP later on.