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    Hey guys!!
    I applied to the BscN program at Mohawk but I have yet to hear anything back!! I am currently enrolled at Brock University for Biomedical science so would that hinder my application process??

    I have heard back from every other school i applied to but nothing from mohawk!!

    Has anyone gotten an acceptance letter from this program yet??
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    Hi, I am a RPN and have applied to the BScN bridging program with MOMAC. They haven't released offer letters for my program yet, so don't get concerned yet I was told they would be released at the end of this week or early next week.
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    Thanks so much!! I have been stressing so hard because its my number one choice!! Have you been accepted any where else?
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    I only applied there. you? Good luck and try to remain calm.
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    ive been accepted to every other school but have not heard from them ! and thanks! you too!
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    I received my offer admission via email on Monday!!!! Confirmed for Mo/Mac RPN to BScN fall 2013!
    Good luck to everyone!!!!!