HOAE Results! Mohawk College 2017

  1. I have a 86% average in high school prerequisites.

    I wrote the HOAE at Mohawk College 2 weeks ago and the results are as follows...

    Info in Natural Sciences: 34/60
    Vocational Adjustment Index: 75/90
    Spelling: 34/45
    Academic Aptitude: 48/75
    Reading Comprehension: 20/35

    I don't really know what "normalized scores" mean and how to see that but how did you all do?
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  3. by   antoe
    those scores look ok... mine were 49/60ns
    52/75 aa
    27/35 reading
    35/45 spelling
    86/90 vocation
    they use the top 4 they don't use vocation. normalized scores haven't been released yet it determines how well you did in relation to everyone else who wrote the exam
    my average in High school is 93.5 percent Mohawk is releasing offers by the end of the week or early next week
  4. by   antoe
    any word on acceptances
  5. by   md96
    No, I haven't heard anything yet.
  6. by   antoe
    offers have been released have you heard anything
  7. by   md96
    Yea I got in! Are you still waiting?
  8. by   antoe
    I got in too are you accepting mohawk