does having a Bsc in psychology help at all for psychiatric nursing?

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    I am a second year psych student and I am considering going into nursing and i have already applied but i am having some doubts about just leaving the past two years i have already committed to psych go to waste. IF i decided to go into psychiatric nursing would having a bsc in psych help at all to get in to the program? or is it a 4 year direct route like a normal nursing degree? if you were me would you conintue with the psych degree or go striaght into normal nursung? I love the school im at now (dalhousie) but i dont wanna stay in a program that wont benefit my career. I am considering at least for now ER nursing or OR nursing .. and maybe psych nursaing
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    It won't make much of a difference because you don't have any clinical experience in psychology. It will only help for prerequisites and grades. If you want to do nursing, apply now. You can do a two-year accelerates program at a couple of schools if you have 60 credit hours accumulated already. I would look into that more than a four year degree if I were you and serious about nursing instead of psych.