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BC Childrens

  1. 0 Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows anything about BC childrens hospital 2 year residency program for nurses? I have heard a little about it, read a little about it, would love to talk to someone who has taken it/is currently in it? Exactly what is it, what does it involve, etc
    Let me know!
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    Also if you know anything about a residency program ANYWHERE in Canada, please comment
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    I have heard about it but don't know a lot. From my understanding - they accept 10-20 nurses, depending on the individual intake. Majority are usually new grads, but not all. You then spend 2 years rotating through the various floors - I think you spend ~3-4 months on each? Then at the end you are to select the unit that interests you the most to work on. It does sound like a great opportunity if you want to work in peds (which I do not ). Definitely contact recruitment for more information - they will give you the most thorough information about the program. I believe January is one of their intakes, so if you are serious you could get stated on your application right away. Hope that helps