Athabasca Nurse Practitioner Program

  1. 0 Hi there! I'm wondering if anyone has (or knows someone who has) done the online/distance athabasca nurse practitioner program. I graduated with my BN in 2007, and am strongly learning towards applying to the program this fall, and am looking for feedback from people with experience!

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    Yes I know someone. She took the LPN program back when it was running distance through Kamloops thompson university and got a job and then started taking the ATHABASCA nursing distance while working. I havent spoken to her but I know she would succeed. It is a highly recognizeable place.
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    I don't know of anyone who took the NP program, but I know many that have taken the RN to BScN program through Athabasca online and have heard nothing but good things about them.
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    hi did you end up applying to this program? I am starting this may so just wondering if you are also going to start this may.

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