Additional Materials for A&P

  1. Hello,
    I am re-taking A&P this summer and I was wondering if there were any additional materials that any other students found helpful, I really want to get a better grade this time and pass the course!

    Thanks in Advance!,
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  3. by   Mewsin
    I started using quizlet because I can make up flash card plus when I use the learn mode I have to type it out, not just pretend like I know, and it works for me (we've had two a&p exams I ended up with 96 and 92). This last midterm I also got anatomy colouring books and I have to say that I think they are working also. I use the self quizes in my a&p text book also.
  4. by   Chinook2
    I would highly recommend checking out Khan Academy.
    He works through a lot of the topics that you will need to understand and diagrams as he explains.